My love for photography continues to grow. The infinite possibilities that lie within the realm of photography provide something new every time. I just can’t stop myself from shooting.

My university studies were committed to biology and kinesiology in pursuit to better understand our bodies, fitness and keeping healthy. I believe in self-education, travel, sharing, kindness, love, and adventure.  I am blessed to live a life rich in wonderful moments.

Traveling the world teaches me many enriching lessons and opens my mind. My art is an expression of the many colorful moments I walk through or observe. I do my best to enjoy life and create special memories worth capturing. I have a passion for helping others reach their goals and passing on any of my knowledge they seek.

My partner Eleya and I started a photography group to connect creatives together. We host themed photo shoots that provide room to get creative. Always amazing to see what can be created while working with others.

Lately, I have enjoyed exploring video and shooting with my drone. I’m hoping to capture more underwater footage again soon.

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