My love for photography  just keeps growing. The infinite possibilities that lie within the realm of photography provide something new every time. I just can’t stop myself from shooting anything and everything. My mind is often off in my own fantasy. Music has been a blessing my entire life. Serving as an outlet, a stimulus for creativity, a moment maker and given me the words or sound to perfectly express how I feel where my camera is lacking.

My university studies were committed to biology and kinesiology in pursuit to better understand our bodies, fitness and keeping healthy. I believe in self-education, travel, sharing, kindness, love, and adventure.  I am blessed to live a life rich in wonderful moments.

Traveling the world has taught me so many enriching lessons and opened my mind. My art is an expression of the many colorful moments I walk through, watch others struggle or succeed in and I do my best to enjoy life and capture the many special memories. I have a passion for helping others reach their goals and passing on any of my knowledge they seek.

I often am blessed to shoot and travel with my better half. She is super creative and brings so much to every shoot. Her years modeling have trained her eye wonderfully. Not only is she a great model that gives great direction at shoots but she is also an amazing photographer. She is also a stylist and designer which bring our stories to life.


Tie The Knot Photos

The energy that flows between two people in love is powerful and I love capturing their special moments as they unfold. Starting Tie The Knot Photos has been an amazing journey and I am excited for more fun moments to capture. Follow along as I began shooting parodies of iconic movie moments and other new styles.


Models & Cameras

Group photoshoots can be a lot of fun with so much room to get creative. We began hosting workshops a few years ago and love the ability work with multiple people on a project at once taking in different ideas and perspective. Always amazing to see what you can create with others.


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